Your experience could help countless individuals speed up their divorce process and we’ll pay you every time they do.

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Around 2000 UK couples will commence divorce proceedings this week and only 100 of these cases will be heard by a Judge. Of the remaining 1900 cases many will steadily waste a fortune, perhaps as you did, on pointless legal fees only to reach agreement on the Courtroom steps.

Divorces that drag on become very expensive and it is generally due to the unrealistic demands of someone who feels aggrieved. Sound familiar? Your documents and story could make someone realise, “like it or not, it isn’t about compensation.”

Your finances and assets will never be an exact match with anyone else’s, if they are similar, then the reasons you couldn’t reach an agreement may well be the same. Your experience and outcome could be of great value to some of the 2000 couples starting proceedings this week.

For total peace of mind we deposit your payments into a PayPal account for you to collect, this way we don’t need your bank details. If you don’t have a PayPal account they’re quick, easy and free to setup.

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  • It’s quick & easy
  • Could help others
  • Makes you feel better about a bad experience
  • Can give you an income for years
  • Recover your divorce legal costs

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