With around 2,000 Financial Orders issued per week, there have been hundreds of U.K. couples whose finances, personal circumstances and areas of disagreement were the same as yours are now.

You’ve spoken to your closest friends who’ve been through a divorce but their circumstances weren’t the same. You’ve scoured the Internet for clear, factual guidance on where this is going but have found nothing helpful.

You’re locked in dispute with an unreasonable spouse, you’re making no progress and the legal bills keep dropping through the letterbox.

If you can’t reach agreement it will probably cost you 10% of everything you’ve worked for.

Don’t follow in the footsteps of this couple.

It seems like the arguments will never end and you just want the whole thing to be over.

Your solicitor has seen it all before but client privilege and confidentiality prevent them from telling you about past cases.

Now you have a chance to do your own homework.

Are you really in danger of being “taken to the cleaners” or perhaps you think you’re being short changed? Many people in similar circumstances to you have gone to bed worrying about the exact same thing. Now you have the opportunity to see precisely how it worked out for them.

You’ve heard it times, “it all depends on the Judge on the day” but that’s rarely the case. A Judge is only interested in finding a way to let you both “move on” with a sensible, workable solution.

Search the database and you will hopefully find some entries that are financially similar to yours. Read the Notes and see if there are any that couldn’t reach agreement for the same reasons. You then have the choice whether to purchase the bundle and see exactly how their differences were resolved.

  • Free to search
  • Could speed up the process
  • Decrease the acrimony
  • Bring your Partner to their senses
  • Assist your application for costs
  • Help with your negotiations
  • Alleviate a lot of your worries

The price of each bundle varies but is less than 1.0% of the joint legal costs of that divorce. It includes both Form E’s, the arguments and outcomes along with the Financial Order. It could set your mind at rest and save you both a fortune in the process.

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