When couples reach the regrettable decision that divorce is the only option left, both their lives, and that of any children involved, will become challenging enough. If a lengthy, acrimonious and very expensive battle over the division of the family wealth follows, it can only be to the detriment of all involved.

This Site hopes to offer a service to marriage counsellors, mediators, legal professionals and individuals alike to assist divorcing couples in reaching an efficient, timely and fair division of marital assets.

Our aim is to build a searchable database of past divorce agreements that comprises of fully anonymised Form E’s and approved Financial Orders, plus brief explanatory notes of any relevant information. Contributions to the database can be made by either legal entities or divorced individuals.

By searching the Form E’s and narrative, similar previous cases may be found. If both the financial and family circumstances are close enough to be both relevant and helpful, the financial order may be purchased from the contributor.

We hope the service will be used by: –

Marriage Counsellors – whilst working on the differences and difficulties a couple may have, it could help focus minds on the realities that lie ahead for both parties if they don’t find some solutions.

Mediators – to satisfy couples that their proposed agreement is in line with past settlements that have been approved by a Judge. This could stop any lingering doubts that the agreement reached was in some way unfair, perhaps leading to a healthier, more co-operative relationship in the future to the benefit of all involved.

Legal Professionals – to ensure that both parties have realistic expectations at the earliest opportunity. In doing so, an acrimonious, very expensive and protracted divorce leading to an FDR and Final Hearing can hopefully be avoided. Both parties walk away with more than they otherwise would have.

Couples – hoping to reach an amicable agreement between themselves before approaching the legal profession to formalise the arrangement. With clear guidelines to work to, the task is made all the more easy.

It is highly unlikely that any documents purchased will illustrate a “penny perfect” financial agreement. They should however, provide an excellent starting point for negotiation and also eliminate totally unrealistic expectations and demands. In doing so, a lengthy and expensive divorce will have been avoided and they have served their purpose.

The documents are purchased via the Website from the contributor. Database entries are priced according to the level of assets involved and the helpfulness of the supporting notes. Prices start at £110 and rise up to a maximum of £600. Once the price is set, the contributor receives the same amount every time their entry is purchased.

The Site operates on a “not for profit” basis. An admin fee is charged which covers: Site maintenance and running costs, inputting entries into the database, checking data integrity, correct anonymisation, processing payments and VAT. Any surplus revenue is spent on advertising and promotion.

If you have any questions please email us at admin@divorceactually.co.uk or use our “Contact” page.