Firstly, are you allowed to share your documents with others?

To see why GDPR and Data Protection will not apply to your documents Click here.

Prepare your documents.
Photocopy both Form E’s and your Financial Order.  On the copy you’ve made remove all your personal details.

Scan the copies back to your computer and save the file as a pdf document. If your Form E’s are the standard 28 page forms you may need to scan pages 1 – 14 and 15 – 28 separately. There is no need to include pages that weren’t completed.



For guidance on what to include and how to present your documents see the Example Case

When you’ve completed your “Notes” and outcome documents, scan these back to your computer and save them.

Locate the files you’ve saved on your computer, select them, Right click your mouse and select “Send to” then “Compressed (zipped) folder.

Save the .zip file. You’re now ready to Register and have completed 75% of the process.

Click on “REGISTER” next to the basket at the top righthand side of our homepage.

Select “I am a Seller” and enter your login details. Read our Terms and Conditions and select the tick box to acknowledge you have.

IMPORTANT.  Make sure the email address you use is the same one that is linked to your PayPal account.  This is how we send payments to you.

If you need to open a PayPal account
Click here

Click “Register.”

Select “Add New Document” and scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Drag and Drop” box. (Don’t worry about all the other boxes, we will complete these for you.)

Now locate the zip file of your documents on your computer and either “Select” or “drag and drop” it into the area at the bottom of the page. Please be patient, if your file is large it may take a short while.

When your file has uploaded you will be able to select “CREATE DOCUMENT.”  You will receive an email from us to acknowledge your registration.  (If it doesn’t arrive check your “Junk” folder.) When we have populated your database record you will receive another email from us telling you that your documents have been published and are ready for users to purchase.

Congratulations, we hope you will receive a regular income over the forthcoming months and years.