Q: How are my documents priced?

A: Your documents need to offer good value to the buyer. As a “rule of thumb” they should expect to pay approximately 1% of your legal fees. We will agree a price with you before your documents are made “live.”
If your legal bill was around £7,000, you’ll receive £71.50 every time your documents are downloaded. For divorces that cost the individual £45,000 or more in legal costs, they’ll receive the maximum per download which is £444. If your entry is similar to the person searching and your legal bill was £15000, then your documents represent good value at £150. The searcher may have only spent £1000 on legals at the point they search the database, if they decide not to buy your documents then the probability is their legal bill may will end up around £15000 as well.

Q: When will the database be available to search?

A: We will open the database and enable searching when it has enough entries in it that a search should give a meaningful result on the majority of occasions. There will be no upper limit on the size of the database and it will always be open for further entries.

Q: I no longer have my paperwork, is there anything I can do?

A: There is no statutory time period that a Solicitor has to keep your entire case file for. They will have advised you how long they do somewhere in your paperwork. You could ask your Solicitor for copies if they still have them but there is sure to be a charge. Our objective is to make people money or save people money and not cost you more so only consider going down this route if you think aspects of your divorce were “outside the norm,” i.e. large inheritance, disability, own Business etc, etc giving your documents a high value.

Q: Will I really remain anonymous?

A: Yes, all names and other identifiers are removed from your documents. We then “blur” several aspects of your information slightly by changing ages and/or amounts as needed. The changes made wouldn’t have materially affected your settlement so your information remains useful. Even if your ex-partner purchased and downloaded your document set, they wouldn’t be able to identify themselves or you from the information in front of them. A Buyer will never see a Sellers’ username or email address.

Q: How much can I expect to earn?

A: There are over 7,000 divorces per month in the U.K., that’s around 14,000 people per month who may be interested in your documents. There is no way of knowing how often your profile will appear in someone’s search results but the great thing is that once you’re documents are available to purchase you just forget about them. If you received £250 once a month, you’d be happy right? What else have you got in your home that you can sell over and over again?

Q: What information do you need of mine?

A: All we need is an email address that is linked to your PayPal account and the Country in which you live. (The Law is the same in England and Wales but differs from Scotland and Northern Ireland.) We don’t need your name or telephone number.

Q: Do you need my bank account details?

A: No, that’s why we are using PayPal. We don’t need or want any of your personal banking details. We are only able to forward your payments to you via PayPal.

Q: Am I doing anything wrong if I share my documents?

A: No, you paid for them; they are your property. Because they are completely anonymised, you’re not infringing any Data Protection (GDPR) regulations.